USITT 2020 Exhibitor Kit

Thank you for being a part of USITT 2020 in Houston, TX!

This area will serve as your general information site over the coming months. 

Show Information and Resources

Exhibitor Registration and the USITT 2020 Exhibitor Portal & Kit are LIVE!

Form Deadline Actions
Conference Program Ads Order
01/10/2020 PDF
Lead Retrieval Early Bird
01/09/2020 Online Ordering
Conference Digital Advertising
01/17/2020 PDF
Exhibitor Description for Conference Program
01/17/2020 PDF
New Product Showcase Sign Up
02/12/2020 PDF
Lead Retrieval Advanced
02/13/2020 Online Ordering
Press Mailing List Request
03/01/2020 PDF
Attendee Mailing List Request
03/01/2020 PDF
Shepard Hanging Signage Order
03/03/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
03/05/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Advanced Warehouse Opens
03/05/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Rigging Plot Approval Earlybird Deadline
03/09/2020 PDF
Food & Beverage
03/10/2020 PDF
Labor Order Discount
03/12/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Booth Discount Packages, Furnishings, Carpet and Cleaning
03/12/2020 PDF Online Ordering
AV Order
03/13/2020 PDF
Booth Insurance Order
03/16/2020 PDF Online Ordering
03/16/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Internet, Data and Telecommunications
03/16/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Air, Water, Drain and Gas Services
03/16/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Advanced Shipping Warehouse Closed
03/24/2020 PDF Online Ordering
Target Move-In Begins
General Move-In Begins
USITT Stage Expo Opens

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