Opportunities to Engage

Let your audience get to know you! Participate in these opportunities and show the best of what your company has to offer. Create a personal connection with attendees, educators, and fellow exhibitors on and off the Expo floor.

Get on Stage

Go ahead, steal the spotlight. Get in front of attendees with 20-minute tech talks, 60-75-minute sessions, New Product Showcase, Innovation presentations, Costume Fashion shows, and ½ and full day workshops.

New Product Showcase

Here’s your chance to show off your latest and greatest products with attendees undivided attention. This high energy event gets attendees excited for what’s to come at Stage Expo and gives you the opportunity to take the mic and throw out some free swag.

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Innovation Presentations

Present your newest technologies at your home base — the Stage Expo. The innovation stage is an area for you to showcase products and give short presentation regarding the product. A smaller scale, more personal version of our New Product Showcase.

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Costume Fashion Shows

Watch as the most innovative fashions grace the runway at the costume fashion show located, you guessed it, right in the heart of the action on the Expo floor.

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Full Day Workshops

Have a free day? Let’s fill it up! Participate in or instruct one or many of our hands-on full day workshops in a myriad of disciplines.

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60-75 Minute Sessions

Only have an hour or two? We can help with that, too. We have a session list of more than 200. There’s something for every interest.

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20 Minute Tech Talks

These talks provide a TED Talk-style vibe creating an environment for learning with easily digestible information and tips.

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Hands on Connection

Console Demos

Show off the best consoles the industry has to offer. From their operation to their inner mechanics, these demos gives both attendees and presenters a close look at these products.

Light, Sound & Media Lab

Attendees can explore lighting, sound, and digital media topics in a large, full-stage format. Experience each discipline individually and in collaborative environments.

Digital Media & Projection Lab

This new hands-on experience provides attendees with a space to explore, learn, and play with various media platforms.

Costume Studio

The theme of the all-new Costume Studio will be “Costumes on the Fringe,” which celebrates career and artistic paths that are financially and artistically fulfilling and use all the skills of a traditional theatrical costume designer.

Interactive Areas

These exhibits can be located on the Stage Expo floor and invite you to participate as part of the demonstration of equipment and skills.
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Lighting Studio

The lighting studio is an intimate, interactive space that allows the exploration of cutting-edge equipment. The studio consists of four small-scaled lighting setups each with a control console and several lighting units.

Sound Studio

Work one-on-one with seasoned professionals in an intimate, interactive space that allows the exploration of cutting-edge sound equipment.

Live Sound Loudspeaker Demo

Live Sound International and ProSoundWeb are teaming up with USITT to present the latest Loudspeaker Demos!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to evaluate a mixture of eight large, small, compact, and portable systems from leading manufacturers. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s FREE?

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Engagement, Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Participating in an event allows for connection to your audience in an aural, visual and tactile sense.  USITT creates opportunities for your company to create experiences which give the attendee an emotional and recognizable response.  Learn how to connect on this level in Louisville.

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