2019 Tech Expo

Show us your Solutions

USITT’s Theatre Technology Exhibit (Tech Expo) features creative solutions to production problems. Every other year, this exhibit highlights the work of technicians from all areas of production including sound, rigging, costume, crafts, properties, mask making, lighting technology, stagecraft, and special effects. An article describing, in detail, the products and processes used to develop the idea, accompanies each exhibit. The articles are assembled into a catalog which is sold at the Conference, online, and by the USITT Office.

Tech Expo is the only juried exhibition and publication devoted to theatre technologists.

Each entry will be charged the submission fee of $50 for professionals & $25 for early career/students. Projects generally fall into these broad categories:

Submissions for the 2019 Tech Expo are closed

  1. Designs of a new device
  2. Creative use of a new (or old) material
  3. Development of a particularly useful process, tool, or technique

Previous projects have included: Low-viscosity, nonperishable blood; Radio-controlled light sources; Armor from egg cartons; Angle cutting panel saw; Homemade CNC router table


Tech Expo


Projects are judged for inclusion in Tech Expo on the following criteria:

  • Quality and value of the idea to the profession
  • Uniqueness and originality of the idea
  • Clarity of the article
  • No previously published ideas will be accepted by the Tech Expo Committee. If you are uncertain if your idea has been published before please ask the Committee Chair or see previously published ideas list.