USITT VIBE is a Hosted Experiential Program that takes place during the USITT Conference & Stage Expo in Louisville, March 20-23. Qualified suppliers and buyers are hand-selected to participate in highly productive one-on-one meetings and experiential events. USITT VIBE delivers high value and ROI for both buyers and suppliers by connecting them through a smart match-making algorithm. The program works to elevate the USITT Conference experience for both buyers and suppliers with meaningful business engagement that rivals the status quo and delivers greater ROI for all parties.

"The USITT VIBE program was a great experience for myself as a designer.  The short one-on-one meetings allowed myself and each supplier to have a dialogue off of the exhibit floor about their products in detail and in a venue that allowed me to ask questions in a way that didn't feel rushed.  I highly recommend the experience!"

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