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Stage Expo delivers a wide range of attendees; from designers and venue managers, to business owners, students and educators. USITT produces a show like no other. The diversity of experts from academic institutions, combined with new and seasoned professionals from a broad variety of disciplines, cannot be found at any other event.

Exhibiting at USITT allows you to find organizations that are creating productions today, and to educate the minds of tomorrow's designers and managers about your products. Stage Expo is a singular resource they use to find all the products and services they will need to create world class productions as they advance their careers.  Our exhibiting companies offer products and services to create the complete event for the entertainment professional:

  • Makeup
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Projection
  • Show Control
  • Scenic Elements
  • Seating
  • Staging
  • Hardware
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Higher Education
  • Rigging
  • Costume
  • Special Effects

At USITT we are mindful of the costs for our exhibiting companies. We have negotiated with our official Stage Expo contractors to ensure the best possible value for your marketing dollars. At no other show will you find a higher return on your investment!



Not Including Exhibitors



1183 Students



with Buying Power


Sold in 2019


First Timers

554 Attend Every Year or as often as possible

Booth Spaces

Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a better event for your marketing budget. USITT is conscientious of your exhibiting costs which is why we keep our booth rental low while negotiating discount packages for our members

Table Spaces

Table top spaces allow universities and smaller companies to have a presence and meet attendees at a reduced cost. Cost is the advantage; but spaces do sacrifice some room for displays. Let’s discuss cost benefits!

USITT Membership

Membership allows organizations to participate in workshops and events at discounted rates, reach USITT members through sponsorship and display advertising at our live events and in our publications and find qualified candidates through JobsUSITT.

Exhibitor Highlights

The Dark Zone

What if we turned the lights off? What if 50,000 square feet of the Expo hall was dark, so that the beams of light, projections, and special effects really popped? Get ready to check it out for the third year.

Stages on the Expo Floor

At USITT2020, we will bring even more education and connection to the floor. The Dark Zone will host the Technology Stage while other areas of the expo will feature the Innovation Stage, Collaboration Stage and Design Stage.

Engagement, Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities

Participating in an event allows for connection to your audience in an aural, visual and tactile sense.  USITT creates opportunities for your company to create experiences which give the attendee an emotional and recognizable response. Learn how to connect on this level in Houston.

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USITT Floor Plan

Meet your next-door neighbors! View the floor plan to see where your company would best fit. NO matter where your booth or table lives, lots of networking, conversations, and deals will take place

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Products Attendees Are Looking For

{"label":"3D Printing","value":"1182.00"}
{"label":"Audio Visual and Video","value":"1163.00"}
{"label":"Career Opportunities","value":"1346.00"}
{"label":"Communications Systems","value":"764.00"}
{"label":"Control Systems/Control Equipment","value":"909.00"}
{"label":"Educational Opportunities","value":"1125.00"}
{"label":"Flying Effects","value":"932.00"}
{"label":"Laser Technology","value":"837.00"}
{"label":"Lighting Systems and Equipment","value":"1572.00"}
{"label":"Media Servers","value":"552.00"}
{"label":"Power Distribution","value":"745.00"}
{"label":"Safety Equipment and Supplies","value":"1096.00"}
{"label":"Scenic Supplies","value":"1139.00"}
{"label":"Screen Technology","value":"815.00"}
{"label":"Sound Systems and Equipment","value":"1080.00"}
{"label":"Special Effects","value":"1412.00"}
{"label":"Stage Equipment/Trussing","value":"1255.00"}
{"label":"Touring Equipment","value":"764.00"}

It’s all a stone’s throw away

Stay awhile. Housing for USITT 2020 is now open. Your housing and travel options are only a click away.

See Who's Exhibiting

The Stage Expo allows you to find organizations that are creating productions today, and to educate the minds of tomorrow's designers and managers about your products. Want to know who you’ll run into on the show floor? We’ve got you covered.

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